PAL Express PISO Fare Seat Sale 2014

Check out what’s in store as PAL Express (formerly Airphil Express) is having it’s PISO Sale 2014 promo fare! You can take advantage of this 2014 promotion airfare by paying only 1 peso for the base fare to different destinations in the Philippines! You will be able to book a flight to many places so long as you choose the route and pick the dates of your airline choice.

Watch out for new and exciting 2014 Airfare promos by this leading budget airlines. You can get as low as one peso as your base fare when you tune in for more details of the different months from January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, or December during the year 2014.

2014 Piso Fare PAL Express Promo Sale

Jan 2014 – PAL PISO Fare Express January 2014 Seat Sale
Feb 2014 – PAL Express piso sale February 2014 Cheap Flight Promos
Mar 2014 – PAL Express Airlines Piso Fare Sale March 2014 Promo Fare
Apr 2014 – April 2014 Piso Sale PAL Express Air Flight Discounts
May 2014 – PAL Express May Piso Fare 2014 Fare Sale
Jun 2014 – PAL Express Airlines Piso Fare June 2014 Discounted Tickets
Jul 2014 – PAL Express July 2014 Piso Fare Airline Sale
Aug 2014 – PAL Express piso fare sale Airlines August 2014 Promo Fares
Sep 2014 – September 2014 PAL piso fare promotion Express Fare
Oct 2014 – PAL Express Holiday Piso Fare Sale October 2014
Nov 2014 – PAL Express Air Piso Fare November 2014
Dec 2014 – December 2014 Piso Fare PAL Express Flight Sale

Get in touch with the airline company by visiting the homepage and check out the available dates of the promotional 2014 offers that PAL Express has to its loyal customers. Remember that this seat sale 2014 is good only when you confirm your booking by paying for the amount of the charges of the flight tickets.

To know more information and to book those airline tickets, all you need to do is to visit! Happy travels!

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